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Coffee looking at major lows in 2012

Shawn Hackett
Published 03/16/2012

I was recently invited to present my overall coffee outlook to an array of large hedge funds, coffee roasters and cash commodity firms via a conference call format on March 8. The call was hosted by KeyBanc Capital Markets and their brilliant food industry stock analyst Akshay Jagdale.

The slide presentation for the coffee outlook call has been provided for you. Coffee prices, after having more than doubled in the 2010/2011 bull market that I correctly predicted repeatedly in my 2010 reports, have since been engaged in a slow motion crash since May 2011 having fallen 40%.

Another buying opportunity equal in scope and importance to the one seen in the spring of 2010 is rapidly approaching. Coffee along with rice and milk offer what I believe to be the trifecta of the markets with the best looking future fundamental picture as we head into the reflation cycle that I expect in 2013/2014. I hope you enjoy the slide presentation.

Coffee outlook presentation

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