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Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc. was started with a singular focus to help educate and inform Hedgers (farmers and end users) and investors on how to go about maximizing effective decisions in Agricultural Commodities. President and CEO Shawn Hackett's 20+ years of experience in the trenches in managing money has allowed him to develop a very disciplined and effective plan on how to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of the financial world. Shawn is also a frequent contributor to articles published in Barron's, Futures Magazine, Investors Business Daily, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Minyanville.
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This is a bi-monthly report which focuses on Agricultural Commodities/Grain Markets (Corn, Soybean Complex, All Wheat Markets and Rice), SOFT Commodity Markets (Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar Orange Juice and Lumber) and Livestock (Cattle, Hogs and Milk). Special alerts will go out as needed in between reports to offer more urgent actionable advice. Each commodity complex is price analyzed from the perspective of unique set of highly multi-decadal correlated fundamental, money flow, and technical indicators to determine the proper course of action for Investors and Hedgers to take. The cornerstone of our analysis revolves around the proprietary Hackett Smart Money Flow Indicator which provides decisive long term buy and sell alerts to maximize effective decisions . We encourage you to download a free copy of our white paper which discusses the Smart Money indicator more detail.   Read More


Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc is a full service commodity brokerage firm. Our brokerage clients receive free consultation and advice not only on futures market considerations but also on cash marketing considerations for their Ag businesses. Buy and Sell Alerts are based on an array of multi-decadal highly correlated indicators with our flagship proprietary Hackett Smart Money Flow Indicator being the focal point. The Smart Money Flow Indicator is created by analyzing the massive COT report (13K+ data points) issued each week by the Futures Trading Commission to accurately assess the true direction of investments flowing in and out of the commodities market and how such movements have historically been correlated with future price behavior. Please download a free copy of our white paper which discusses the Smart Money indicator more detail. Read More
Schedule Shawn as an Agricultural speaking expert for an event you are organizing. Shawn is available for seminars, media interviews, and speaking engagements to small or large groups of hedgers and investors who have an interest in learning more about the strategies deployed by Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc. in the agricultural space and expounded upon in the Hackett Money Flow Commodity Report. Read More
We believe that a keen focus on money flow wrapped around a firm appreciation for a unique array of time tested and highly correlated technical and fundamental indicators gives the hedger and investor the greatest ability to make the best financial decisions consistently. In a world that is fraught with information overload, what hedgers and investors need are simple, easy to use and effective to tools that create clear actionable signals. Once emotions can be taken out of the equation and replaced by a more mechanical and proactive planned approach, the stress associated becomes reduced while providing the rudder for long term success. Following the forces of supply and demand is simple, logical and effective. It simply makes good business sense to understand and measure the Money Flow that is affecting the markets into which you are selling or buying. We look forward to helping farmers (hedgers and end users) and investors use this money flow tool to better navigate the treacherous waters of the futures market price discovery mechanism.

Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions at 561-573-3766 or Text messages can be sent to 561-319-8125.

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