Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc is a full service commodity brokerage firm. Our brokerage clients receive free consultation and advice not only on futures market considerations but also on cash marketing considerations for their Ag businesses. Buy and Sell Alerts are based on an array of multi-decadal highly correlated indicators with our flagship proprietary Hackett Smart Money Flow Indicator being the focal point. The Smart Money Flow Indicator is created by analyzing the massive COT report (13K+ data points) issued each week by the Futures Trading Commission to accurately assess the true direction of investments flowing in and out of the commodities market and how such movements have historically been correlated with future price behavior.

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We clear through RJ O’Brien. Founded in 1914, R.J. O'Brien is a privately owned Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). RJO is one of the oldest and best known independent futures brokerage firms in the industry. RJO is a founding member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a full clearing member of the Chicago Board of Trade, New York Mercantile Exchange, Commodity Exchange of New York and the New York Board of Trade. RJO offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on every futures exchange worldwide. RJO services a nationwide network of over 185 introducing brokers and some of the world's largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

Although, we can trade in all commodity classes for you, our main focus at Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc. is to specialize in Agricultural commodities. It is in this area that we can help and advise in the most effective way and it is what the Hackett Money Flow Report is structured to emphasize.

If you would like to set up an account with us please call us at 561-573-3766 or e-mail us at Text messages can be sent to 561-319-8125. You may also fill out an online application directly with R.J. O'Brien.

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The annual subscription to the Hackett Money Flow Commodity Report is $450/year and can be paid by credit card or check.

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