This is a bi-monthly report which focuses on Agricultural Commodities/Grain Markets (Corn, Soybean Complex, All Wheat Markets and Rice), SOFT Commodity Markets (Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar Orange Juice and Lumber) and Livestock (Cattle, Hogs and Milk). Special alerts will go out as needed in between reports to offer more urgent actionable advice. Each commodity complex is price analyzed from the perspective of unique set of highly multi-decadal correlated fundamental, money flow, and technical indicators to determine the proper course of action for Investors and Hedgers to take. The cornerstone of our analysis revolves around the proprietary Hackett Smart Money Flow Indicator which provides decisive long term buy and sell alerts to maximize effective decisions .

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Heavy emphasis will be placed in the report on global liquidity factors relating to currencies and their effects on individual commodity markets. Fundamentals and standard technical tools will be utilized from a more supportive role to provide a more robust analysis. But the unique array of times tested indicators which have been highly correlated to future pricing will be the prime driving force of our analysis.

Consistent topics (not necessarily in every report) contained in our reports are the following:

1) Weekly/monthly charts accompanied by the Smart Money Flow indicator and the Relative Strength index (RSI).
2) Comments in each of the above markets as to the current supply/demand of the Money Flow as well as some of      the more compelling global fundamental considerations and additional highly correlated price indicators.
3) Recommendations for hedgers and investors as to when a market is in a sell mode or a buy mode will be made
     when appropriate and the corresponding actions to be taken.
4) Special alerts will be sent out when warranted on a commodity by commodity basis.
5) You will have the ability to call me to ask questions regarding the information in the Hackett Money Flow Report

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