I was born and raised in New Jersey until moving to South Florida in 1999. I graduated from Trenton State College with a degree in Chemistry. I subsequently began in 1992 my fascination with finance by working for Princeton Securities/Bear Stearns as an account executive focusing on small capitalization stocks and rigorous fundamental analysis. I spent 11 years in this capacity and as I progressed, I continued to sharpen my analytical capabilities and refine my formula for a long term investment success. Visiting companies, meeting with CEO’s, exhaustive reading of company SEC filings and an appreciation for global financial interconnectivity and its effects with US investments were all a part of my skill set I mastered during this time. I developed an enduring client base which had as its core, the concept of friendship and unwavering ethics. Meeting my customers across the whole country was a regular activity of mine that gave me a deeper understanding of their goals and psyche. Having a true assessment of a person’s psychological disposition is critical to successfully implementing a long term investment plan.

I then, in 2003, sensing an opportunity in Agricultural commodities as a place to broaden my investment landscape, went on to work with Roach Ag Marketing as an Ag Marketing Consultant. Once again, the emphasis on making a very personal contact with my customers by numerous visits and seminars continued to be the constant throughout my tenure. I was able to apply and adapt my knowledge from my stock career to create a more robust and comprehensive approach toward helping farmers market their crops and protect their inventory.

In 2007, I started my own firm, Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc in order to give me the freedom and the independence to take this wealth of investment knowledge and help educate hedgers and investors on the enduring principles that have helped me and my past customers achieve outstanding financial results. Remember the old adage “Catch a fish for a person and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you feed them for life.” My number one goal here is to educate you so that you can begin to understand how to be a self standing, fully functional investment specialist on your own.

No one knows everything and I am still learning as we speak, but think of the power you will have if you can truly become competent with your own investments. Think of how your children will benefit from having you enlighten them so that they can be financial specialists themselves. What you get from me is an enthusiastic, committed, no nonsense, rational, ethical advisor who has learned the business of investing from being in the trenches each and every day and staying true to what I know and avoiding what I don’t. I look forward to helping hedgers (farmers and end users) and investors better understand and manage their businesses and financial investments.


President, Hackett Financial Advisors, Inc.
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