Hackett Financial Advisors provides individual hedgers (farmers and end users) with a more personalized and robust level of service. Far more effort will be deployed into learning every facet of your farming business than with the Hackett Money flow Report service. Every farmer has a different set of circumstances that must be considered in devising an overall short term and longer term financial marketing strategy. Extensive use of phone and e-mail communications will be deployed to maintain appropriate contact for the best execution of the financial business strategies agreed to by both parties.

To better understand the Smart money Flow Indicator methodology at the core of these important decision please download a free copy of our white paper which discusses the Smart Money indicator in more detail.

The consulting service will require a yearly consulting fee to be paid in full before such services are to begin in earnest.

For more detailed information on the Hackett Financial Advisors consulting service and corresponding fees please call 561-573-3766 or e-mail

Please feel free to download a free sample of our report.

The annual subscription to the Hackett Money Flow Commodity Report is $450/year and can be paid by credit card or check.

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